CRIMESTOPPERS is a program designed to solve crime with the help of concerned citizens. This effective program asks that community members fight crime by supplying leads and information, which may assist in bringing criminals face to face with justice.

Who benefits from CRIMESTOPPERS?

You do. Nationally, CRIMESTOPPERS programs have proven successful in solving thousands of felony crimes and recovering virtually millions of dollars in stolen merchandise. The success of this project is an effective force toward making your community a safer, more law abiding place in which to live. Consequently, not only do you and your family benefit from this program, but also so does your entire community. Macon Regional CRIMESTOPPERS serves the Bibb, Baldwin, Houston, Jones, Twiggs, Crawford and Peach County areas.


Macon Regional businessmen and women, who, like you, want to take an active part in stopping the increase of crime in their community. This Board of Directors, which is comprised of private citizens, actively guides CRIMESTOPPERS. The program is administered through a police department representative assigned full time to the CRIMESTOPPERS office located in the Police Department Headquarters in City Hall.


CRIMESTOPPERS does not receive any funding from state or federal sources. It is a community project totally supported by your donations of money, goods or services. Donations come from private sources, corporations, clubs, professional associations, retailers, civic and social groups, as well as individuals.

How does CRIMESTOPPERS work?

Each week, the facts about an unsolved felony crime are aired on radio and television, printed in various newspapers and circulated to numerous law enforcement agencies throughout the Macon region. Citizens are asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS if they have any information regarding the crime. All calls are kept in complete confidence. Citizens supplying information leading to an arrest or indictment are eligible for a REWARD OF UP TO $1,000.

How can YOU become involved?

You can support CRIMESTOPPERS by donating either time, talents, goods, services or funds. You can lend real support by becoming involved in the citizens’ Board of Directors and helping in the direct administration of the program and determining rewards. Find out more about CRIMESTOPPERS in the Macon region by calling 742-2330 or 1-877-68CRIME.



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