Macon/Bibb County Board Of Tax Assessors

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Deadline For Property Returns
Summary of Appeals Process
Summary of Assessment Administration
Motor Vehicle Appeal Process
Senate Bill 346

The mission of the Macon-Bibb County Tax Assessors’ Office is to appraise, at fair market value, all tangible real and personal property in Macon and Bibb county by utilizing uniform methods and procedures.

2022 Tax Assessment Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE: You are hereby notified (and should communicate this notification to any other occupants of your property) that pursuant to O.C.GA 48-5-264.1 (a), representatives of the Macon-Bibb County Board of Tax Assessors, with proper ID, may enter upon your property during normal business hours, for the purposes of collecting accurate data or any verifications thereof due to any permits issued, return of value filing, revaluations (partial or whole), parcel sales, and appeal reviews. Please contact our office for any clarification needs you might have.