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GAPS Fingerprinting Instructions

If you choose to be fingerprinted at a GAPS location in connection with your application for a Georgia Firearms (Concealed Carry) License, you must follow these instructions carefully in order for your use of this alternative method to be successful. Please PRINT this page.
  1. If you register online with GAPS and have your fingerprints taken before making your application, you should come into the Probate Court of Bibb County to complete the application within two business days after your fingerprints are taken at the GAPS location, and you must come in to complete the application within five business days. If you register after making your application, you should proceed to a GAPS location to be fingerprinted within two business days, and you must be fingerprinted within five business days.

  2. You must register with GAPS before going to a GAPS location to be fingerprinted. The steps are as follows:

    1. Log onto www.ga.cogentid.com

    2. Click on “Single Applicant Registrations” under the Registration tab.

    3. Complete the Registration Form by filling in all applicable fields. You must register using your full legal name, and the Registration and your Application must match precisely as to the name and all other fields completed in the Registration. Fields which are marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. Providing your Social Security Number is voluntary; however, the SSN helps distinguish persons with similar names and dates of birth. If you do not provide your SSN, you must have your Registration ID when you go to a GAPS location to be fingerprinted.

    4. Under the Transaction Information section:

      1) For Reason, select Pistol Permit from the drop-down list. [Hint: typing “p” will take you to the beginning of the selections starting with “p.”] If you are a retired law enforcement officer eligible for waiver of fees under O.C.G.A. §16-11-129(h), select Pistol Permit - Former LE Officer. You will be required to show proof of your eligibility at the GAPS location, and you will be charged only $12.90.

      2) For Payment, select either Credit Card or Money Order. Agency will not be accepted as a selection. If you select Credit Card, another screen will appear on which you will enter your credit card information. If you select Money Order, you must take a money order or a certified check for $52.90 ($40.00 for the FBI and $12.90 for the service) , made payable to Cogent Systems - GAPS to the GAPS location when you go to be fingerprinted.

      3) For ORI/OAC, enter GA011023J.

      4) For Verification Code, enter 011023.

      5) Do not check the box next to “Does another agency make the fitness determination?”

      6) Click Next, check the information for accuracy again, then click Next again to complete the process. The final screen will show your Registration ID number. Either print that page or write down your Registration ID number. You must have that number when you go to a GAPS location to be fingerprinted.

    5. Before logging off of the Web site, go back to the Home page; under “Print Site Locations,” click on Identification Needed for Fingerprinting. You must take appropriate Identification with you to a GAPS location. Click on Print Locations & Hours to locate a convenient GAPS location. You may go to any GAPS location in Georgia.

  3. Go to a GAPS location to be fingerprinted. Call the selected location before going to verify that the site is still a GAPS Print Location and that the published hours are still accurate. Take your Registration ID number with you. Also, you will be required to show proper Identification (see 2.e. above). You will be fingerprinted.

  4. Notify the Probate Court of Bibb County that you have had your fingerprints taken at a GAPS location. Call 478-621-6493 or send an email with your full name, address, and date of birth to gaps.probatecourt@co.bibb.ga.us.

  5. It is possible that your fingerprints will be rejected by the FBI or the GBI. Rejections are fairly uncommon for most people, but they do occur. If your fingerprints are rejected by the FBI or GBI, the Probate Court will be notified, and we will notify you. You must be fingerprinted again at no additional cost. You must obtain from us a printout of the rejection information to take with you back to the GAPS location in order to be re-fingerprinted at no cost. You do not have to re-register with GAPS. If the fingerprints are rejected twice, we must submit inked cards.

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