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Probate Court

Telephone:        (478) 621-6494 (Court Division)
                           (478) 621-6493 (License Division)

Facsimile:           (478) 621-6686  
[Note: Official filings are NOT accepted by facsimile.]

E-Mail:               probatecourt@co.bibb.ga.us

The law requires Judges to remain impartial, and there is a specific ethical rule against a Judge discussing certain aspects of any case which is or may become contested with any party to the case, any witness, or any other person interested in the proceedings, unless all interested parties are present. Therefore, do not attempt to contact Judge Self to "privately" discuss a case, either before or after it has been filed. The Judge is NOT and must not become a legal advisor to persons interested in proceedings in the Court. Therefore, do not ask Judge Self to advise you on how to proceed with any legal matter.

You may NOT present a caveat or an objection to the Court by way of facsimile transmittal (FAX) and/or electronic mail, and no caveat or objection sent by facsimile or email will be considered by the Court or have any effect on a pending matter. If you wish to file a caveat or objection to a pending matter, the objection must be made in writing, setting forth the grounds of same; must be filed within the time required under the specific proceeding, accompanied by any costs for the filing of same; and must be properly served upon all opposing counsel or parties. If you are uncertain whether you have proper grounds upon which to contest a pending matter, you should consult an attorney.

Office Hours:       8:00 A.M.  – 5:00 P.M.    Monday – Friday   (Excluding Holidays)

[Note: License applications will not be commenced after 4:30 P.M. each day.]

Location:        The Probate Court is located in Room 207 of the Bibb County Courthouse, which is located at the intersection of Second and Mulberry Streets in downtown Macon, GA.  The public entrance to the Courthouse is located on the Second Street side.  There is an elevator at sidewalk level for handicap access and entry.  Entry requires passage through a security checkpoint.  Parking is free on the public streets (2-hour limit) in marked spaces and paid parking is available in several nearby parking garages.

Clerk of Court: Sherri Lanford slanford@co.bibb.ga.us
Chief Deputy Clerk Court Division:  Carrie Bloodsworth cbloodsworth@co.bibb.ga.us
Chief Deputy Clerk License Division: Carol King cking@co.bibb.ga.us

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601 Mulberry Street Macon, GA 31201     Phone Number : (478) 621 - 6400