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Parks And Recreation

Parks And Recreation

Grounds And Facilities Division

The Grounds and Facilities Division of Parks and Recreation is responsible for maintaining over 1000 acres of landscaping and beautification throughout Bibb County. The areas include various park sites; from small neighborhood parks to Central City Park, the eight recreation centers, the Senior Citizens Center, John Drew Smith and Tattnall Tennis Centers, City Hall, downtown Macon parks and plazas, various traffic islands and rights-of-way, four city cemeteries, and historic Luther Williams Stadium.

Duties include but are not limited to, mowing, trimming, weeding, pruning, and fertilizing all parks and beautification areas that are maintain. Plant flower beds and park landscaping highlights once in the spring for the summer and once in the fall for the winter. Constantly work these areas to keep them beautiful. Rose beds that require constant attention. Also, 82 hanging baskets to water daily to maintain their beauty. Three prison details help with mowing and trimming downtown.

Responsible for four cemeteries: Rose Hill, Evergreen, Fort Hill, and the Old Seventh Street Cemetery. The prison details help us very much with maintaining them along with our regular grounds crews.

The Grounds & Facilities Division is called upon to help maintain many additional areas across the city. These include E911, Eastview Police Precinct, Police Training Academy, Medical Dispensary, Fire Administration, Fire Station 92, Cherry Street and New Street Parking lots, Shurlington Library, Building Maintenance, Guy Paine Road Crime Lab, the Macon Centreplex and Chamber of Commerce. Mow and trim these areas as well as plant and maintain all the flower beds and landscaping.

The Grounds and Facilities Division also maintains various traffic islands and rights-of-way throughout the city.

The Grounds & Facilities Division is called upon to work with many special events each year; such as the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Annual Street Party, Tour de Georgia, and other activities that come to the Centreplex. There are 37 employees in the division. Of these, five are administrative, four are temporary and 28 are general labor force personnel.

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